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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I be responsible for financially?
    Candidates will be responsible for $1000 toward tuition to be paid toward the end of the program. Candidates will also be responsible for the cost of books for coursework and for the cost of the PRAXIS test that is required for licensure and completion of the programs.
  • If someone is not accepted to their university of choice, will they be accepted to attend the other university?
    No, you will be required to apply to either Lipscomb or TSU. If you are not accepted to your university of choice, you are welcome to reapply next year!
  • Where can I find information on the programs for each school?
    You can find detailed information in this information session or by accessing their websites: Lipscomb and TSU.
  • What is the expected timeline to complete the degree?
    Lipscomb’s program is 15 months and TSU’s program is 13 months.
  • Do the universities offer fully online programming?
    Yes! You will be directed to select whether you want to attend in-person or online on the application.
  • If we already have a Master’s of Education would you recommend applying for the upcoming Ed.D program instead?
    We would encourage you to explore both options! If your current masters is not in educational leadership and you are interested in pursuing a leadership position within your school district, this may still be a good fit for you because of its unique residency program and support with licensure.
  • Are candidates who have a professional school service licensure eligible for the program?
  • Is the university selection my choice?
    Yes! You will be directed to select either Lipscomb or TSU on the application.
  • The application deadline says March 10, 2023, but the deadline for letters of recommendation says March 22, 2023, which is correct?
    Both! We understand that it can take some time to write quality letters of recommendation, so we wanted to build in some extra time for your recommenders. You will turn your application in before the deadline to email LOR.
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